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Adrian Quezada: Beauty Photography

Full Name: Adrian Alexander Gomez Quezada

Age: 26 (1997)

Country: Dominican Republic

Photography Genre: I like portraiture, creative portraiture, I like fashion and beauty, I continue to evolve with the little time I have since I bought my first camera 4 years ago.


1. Can you tell us about how you got started in photography?

A model girl hold her hair and giving pose to the camera

I have always liked to retouch photos, but 4 years ago at my old job I recommended to my old boss that we buy a camera to try a new business, he rejected it several times, I decided to raise some money, and bought a small camera, I started to have several photography jobs, and I had to choose whether to continue working for someone else or take a chance on photography. It was the best decision I ever made. 

2. What was your passion driving you during your journey? 

I always liked seeing works by famous photographers and their details, and in photography, I found a place where I could express myself as I wanted without restrictions.

3. Could you walk us through your photoshoot planning process?

A model girl covering her face and giving pose to the camera

First, I ask the models to send me a photograph without filters of their face and full body, then the idea according to the client’s tastes, but giving it a touch with my taste then following the wardrobe, makeup, hair, and scenery.

4. As a photography expert, what sets your work apart from other photographers?

My work is not inspired by another colleague’s work, and I like details.

5. Where do you get your ideas for photoshoots?

Sometimes from the internet, and other times, I’m just sitting and if I don’t have anywhere to write down what comes to my mind, I forward a voice note with the idea on WhatsApp.

6. Can you tell us about the most memorable moment you’ve had as a photographer and what experience you gained from that?

A model girl staring into the camera

When they allowed me to make a costume where I had to look for the materials. 

7. What are the most important components of an extraordinary photograph, in your opinion?

The model, the costumes, and the light.

8. How do you strike a balance between your artistic expression and your client’s expectations during a shoot?

My clients look for me because of what they can see on my page, they like it, and they allow me to modify the shoot if possible but not always.

9. How do other artists influence your work?

I like to see how much importance they give to the details, and that is what makes me like their work, everyone has a different style and understands each other.

10. How do you enhance your vision after a session by post-processing your photos?

An attractive model girl staring into the camera and giving a pose for photoshoot

After editing, I deliver them in 2 days, so I can look at the details again with fresh eyes.

11. Can you tell us about the most difficult photographic challenge you’ve ever had, including lighting, unexpected situations, and how you managed the issues on set?

My challenge has always been the studio where I work, it is small at the moment, and living in a place where not all girls look like professional models is tedious, it is always a challenge!

12. What are your top tips for aspiring photographers on skill development and finding their own creative voice?

Work with what you have, try different styles, feel comfortable with what you do, or simply get used to seeing photography only as work and not as a passion.

13. What is your favorite piece of work you’ve ever shot?

These 3 costumes were created by my hands.





14. Can you tell me about an upcoming project you’re working on and the idea behind it?

I want to be published in magazines and give my page a more fashionable look. I think my work is not even close to how I would like to see it.

15. Where can we view more of your work and connect with you?

Instagram: instagram.com/adrianpicture/

Website: adrianpicture.mypixieset.com



Photo: @adrianpicture97

MUA: @makeupbyada0

Model: @marthaheredia

Model: @tavarez003

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