A model girl touching her hair and giving pose with red dress

Ehsan Kohan: the red

Ehsan Kohan





I am a self-taught photographer

Light and color are inseparable elements and components of my work

A model girl giving pose with red dress

Since I was a child, I liked looking at photos and taking pictures. I remember when I was six or seven years old, I used to look at our family photo albums several times a day. When we were going to take a group photo, I was very excited to take that photo myself. When I got older and made friends, I was always known as a photographer in different groups, and I was the one who took good pictures of my friends on friendly trips.

A girl stand by in a lake side

My first encouragement on this trip was my brother Amin and later a friend named Sepehr. When I wanted to choose a field, Sepehr encouraged me a lot to enter this field and I chose the graphic field with various researches.

A model girl sitting down with a red dress and giving pose to the camera

Usually, I don’t have a complicated process for my projects like other colleagues, when an idea comes to my mind, I share it with a model that I think is suitable for that idea, and I am eager to know the opinions of that model and my close friends about my work, and when I If I get a correct result, we will choose a time and take a photo

A model girl stands up on a lakeside

I have never photographed a model’s position or her beautiful face, I have always tried to capture the mood of that moment.

A model girl touching her hair and giving pose to the camera

There is no specific place, usually from music, my mood, and seeing many photos from famous photographers

Many components go into a good photo, but for me, conveying the right feeling comes first.

A girl sitting down on a brick

First, I fully receive and listen to the customer’s comments and interests, and then express my suggestions and criticisms to reach a correct result.

There are many artists that I follow and am influenced by their works, such as:

Peter Lindbergh, Polina Washington, Babak Fatholahi

A girl stands by on a brick

The suggestions I can give are that they see a lot of photos, don’t imitate every photographer, take a lot of photos and start by photographing their own family because they know their morals and can communicate with them much easier. And if they have an idea, implement it with their help

One of the works that I like is instagram.com/p/C0Mn0oSNcN1/


My works:  instagram.com/ehsankohan_ 


Photo: @ehsankohan_


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