Gian Carlo Caboni: Le Caterine

1. What are your goals for your photography business?

Two girls are standing in the sand, facing each other

The biggest goal has already been achieved, that is to make photography my job. My dream is to show my photographs to as many people as possible.

2. What 3 key things helped you grow as a photographer?

Two girls are sitting in the sand

Two girls are sitting in the sand

Definitely constancy, resourcefulness and believing in myself.

3. Can you walk us through the planning process for one of your photo shoots?

Two girls are running on the sand to fast

Two girls are staring each other on the sand grass

Some services are created starting from an initial idea, then I choose the location and the model that I think could be suitable for that type of service.

4. Can you explain what it’s like to be in the photography business? In your opinion, what were the advantages and disadvantages?

Two girls are feel heat of the sun on the sand

I’ve been doing this job for many years now, it’s definitely not easy, but in my case I have a team that supports me and helps me carry out all my projects.

5. Where can we see more of your work and get in touch with you?

Two girls are walking on the sand holding their hand

My works can be found on my website “” and on Instagram @cabonigiancarlophotographer.



Photo: @cabonigiancarlophotographer

MUA: @monika_majzner

Model: @caterina_gentiluomo

Model: @coccocaterina

Video: @bertini.dario

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