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Katie Gushch: Margo

1. Could you please give us a little introduction and tell us about your first experience with photography? Who or what inspired you to begin?

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I started photography in 2009. I really wanted to leave in my memory everything that happened to me during that period, and my portfolio then looked more like a visual diary than the work of a professional (laughs). I photographed my friends, and did not take money for this, but one day a friend of my friend wrote to me and offered a commercial shoot, and I agreed. It was amazing the first time I got paid for a photo shoot!

2. From your point of view, what are the most exciting aspects of professional photography?

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I really like to gather a team to work on interesting projects: work with makeup artists, stylists, professional models. And I love meeting new people from this area. It is very inspiring, gives a lot of positive emotions.

3. As the expert you are, what distinguishes your work from other photographers?

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I am motivated by the challenge and the desire for something new, not a commercial component. Although it, of course, is also a good motivator (laughs)


4. What are your goals for the next year with your photography business?


I will continue to study, study – in the next two months I will take two courses of study. I also plan to start teaching beginner photographers. It seems to me that I have already reached the level where you can not only gain knowledge, but also share this knowledge with others.


5. Are there any other photographers you lookup to? Who?

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Of course there is! Everyone has people they would like to look up to. My teacher Sophie Lebedeva gave me a lot of knowledge, and now some of my clients tell me that my work is becoming like hers. Therefore, this year I plan to learn from other photographers. Now I’m listening to Polina Washington’s podcasts (check out her work, she masterfully manages light and color!). Of the classics of photography, I admire the work of Peter Lindbergh and Rodney Smith – I really love their style and conciseness.


6. Can you walk us through your planning process for this photoshoot?

Actually, I wanted to work with this particular lighting scheme, so at first it was just the abstract idea itself and a few references. I posted a post on my social networks about the search for a team (make-up artist and model), and the makeup artist immediately responded, and the model was found in a couple of days. I would like to especially note the work of a make-up artist, because her portfolio was empty – there were no works, and it was clear that the girl was only almost started her career as professional. However, she did a great job! Well, then there was a standard process of coordinating the date and time of the photo shoot, working out the looks (there were two of them). During the photo session, in addition to gobo masks, we also decided to use a “flexible mirror”, and this, it seems to me, was also the right decision.


7. What are your upcoming projects?

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Now I’m planning a photo project on the beach (in the city where I live, there is a river with coastal sandy beaches) – I really want to do something romantic, a love story. So I will invite couples in love to photo shoots :))


8. Where can we see more of your work and get connected with you?

My works can be seen on my website katie-gushch.wfolio.pro, as well as in my social networks: vk.com/katie_gushch and instagram.com/katie_gushch



Photo: @katie_gushch

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