A short hair model girl staring to the camera

Konstantin: Matrix

Full name: Konstantin

Age: 27 years old

Country: Kazakhstan

Photography genre: Portrait, Fashion, Street photography


Projects: Collaborated with a couple of local brands

Featured in: Published in such magazines as “6X”, “Artells” “DOLCE”, “Ellement”, “EVON”, “FACE”, “MALVIE”, “MARIKA”, “MOB”, “NUVU”, “Off Town” “, “POZA”, “Qudrgo”, “STYLECRUZE”, “Swankyspellboundmagazine”, “TAPPMAG”, “Top Posters”, “VIGOUR”, “VOUS”.

Awards: 8th 35AWARDS entered the top 2 street portrait

A short hair model girl cover her face with her and and giving pose to the camera

I took a lot of photographs on my phone – landscapes, architecture. And one day a friend told me – “why don’t you buy a camera?” . And suddenly I seriously thought, why don’t I do this on a professional level. And I decided to buy my first semi-professional camera, Canon 800d.

A short hair model girl cover her face with her and and giving pose to the camera

In general, I have always liked artists. And one of them was a photographer and photographed landscapes and architecture with a camera. His work greatly influenced my motivation to take photography seriously. I am still grateful to this artist for influencing me so much!

I plan my shooting like this… first I see the work of some artist or some movie that inspired me. I immediately write it down in my notes. Next I think about the details and how to organize the shooting. I will definitely choose the appropriate location. Then I select an image for the location. I try to think about the emotions of the model in this image. Then I take pictures.

A short hair model girl laying down with black outfit and giving pose to the camera

Probably the fact that I try to think through everything in advance. Going deep into the details and thinking about how the photo shoot will go. I’m trying to find a place where the model will feel comfortable based on the image I have chosen. During the shooting, I also try to devote myself as much as possible to the process, experiment, improvise and guide the model. And most importantly, if I see that the model is somehow clamped, I stop filming for a while and make contact.

I always get ideas from different sources. These could be films, artists, photographers or cool designers. To begin with, I save it on my phone, then I think about how I can implement this idea.

A short hair model girl sitting down on a chair

I remember that once I forgot to format the flash card and sat for about half an hour and deleted unnecessary material to make room for the current shooting. The model, of course, was not happy about this! Dear photographers – every time check the flash card, the presence of a battery and clean the lens from dust. This will save your nerves, the nerves of the model, designer, etc.

I think these are emotions. After all, even if everything looks very harmonious – the location, the image of the model. But in all the frames the model has a stone face. Unfortunately, the audience will not appreciate your work…

A beautiful short hair model girl with black outfit

If I take on commercial photography, then I immerse myself as much as possible in the customer’s requirements and draw up references according to his wishes. I also take creative shoots where I act as a director in the frame and think through the plot myself, invite a suitable model, look for a suitable location, and select a suitable image.

Many photographers and artists inspire me; many of them are Western artists, but there are also quite a few creators from the CIS region.

A short hair model girl giving a unique pose to the camera

There are no special secrets in this regard. I look through the photos several times – first I mark all the photos that I like, then I exclude similar ones. Next, I choose from the remaining ones. This is always not a quick process and difficult in terms of choice. Since I like many of my photos, it can be very difficult to choose.

I often change the spheres in photography. Because diversity and development in photography is important to me. And if I shoot the same thing, then it seems to me that I am marking time. I started with portrait photography (because initially I bought a cropped camera and a 50mm lens – the viewing angle was very narrow). Then I buy a full-frame Canon R camera and a 35mm lens and start shooting street scenes. Then I shot with RGB panels with neon lighting. So I always feel at least a little stressed because I try a lot of different things. But that’s why I see progress in my business and I’m very pleased with it.

A beautiful short hair model girl with black outfit in a dark place for photo shoot

Don’t focus on technology. Because first let you are limited by some limits. The main thing is to look at these obstacles as an opportunity to be smart and make the most of what you have now. After all, practice is the key!

I always like my latest works, as I constantly change or add something.

Now I like this shoot instagram.com/p/C1edGOPsc8x/

Now I want to move a little away from street photography and classical portraiture to try myself in the “Fine Art” genre. This is a challenge for me – since it requires not only good skill as a photographer but also requires a certain eye for art.

16. My works

Instagram: instagram.com/photo_kest

Website: behance.net/zlocox910b



Photo: @photo_kest

Model: @sofia_temi

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