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Mairi Wilson: Into The Garden

Full Name: Mairi Wilson

Age: 30

Country: Scotland

Photography Genre: Fine Art


1. Could you please provide us with a professional introduction about yourself and your photography work?

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Hi! I’m Mairi. I’m a fashion and portrait photographer based in Edinburgh. My work is ethereal and artistic, aiming to transport the viewer to a dream-like world.

Featured in: Lucy’s Magazine, Your Scottish Wedding, The Edinburgh Reporter


2. Can you tell us about how you got started in photography? I got into photography when I was young, around age 14. At this time I just picked up my camera from time to time and experimented with self portraits in nature.

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3. What was your passion driving you during your journey? Who or what prompted you to begin? I’ve always been passionate about photography. My first favourite photographer was Tim Walker, who is still one of my favourite photographers today. When I was 14 I bought a copy of Vogue and his India shoot was in the pages. I instantly fell in love with his work.


4. Could you walk us through your photoshoot planning process? I create a mood board, share it with the model. At the same time come up with location and outfit.

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5. As a photography expert, what sets your work apart from other photographers? I’ve been told I have a unique style that people can recognise before they see the name.

6. Where do you get your ideas for photoshoots? Music, locations, people


7. Can you tell us about the most memorable moment you’ve had as a photographer and what experience you gained from that? The first times shooting for big names. I learned how to work fast.


8. What are the most important components of an extraordinary photograph, in your opinion? I love use of light and colour.

9. How do you strike a balance between your artistic expression and your client’s expectations during a shoot? Sometimes it’s good to get a mix of the more artistic shots and the traditional ones.


10. How do other artists influence your work? Are there any other photographers you look up to? Who? I like to look at other photographers’ client work and how they pose their clients.

A photographer I look up to is Alexandra Sophie.

11. How do you enhance your vision after a session by post-processing your photos? Do you have a best-kept secret for editing processing that you’d like to share? I keep it quite simple mostly. I just like to enhance colours with colour grading.


12. Can you tell us about the most difficult photographic challenge you’ve ever had, including lighting, unexpected situations, and how you managed the issues on set? I sometimes find jewellery photography quite difficult. Often the makers have specific ideas of how they would like it shot. With the right colours, the jewellery catching the light, plus the model’s pose. However, I do enjoy shooting jewellery and like the results.


13. What are your top tips for aspiring photographers on skill development and finding their own creative voice? How did you develop yours? To get out and shoot as much as you can, and to keep learning through tutorials.


14. What is your favorite piece of work you’ve ever shot? (Include links) This shoot for Lucy’s Magazine: https://www.instagram.com/p/CriSbmvIhGr/


15. Can you tell me about an upcoming project you’re working on and the idea behind it? My next project is for a luxury performer, incorporating flowers, mirrors and a vintage shop.


16. Where can we view more of your work and connect with you?

Instagram: instagram.com/mairiwilsonphotography

Website: mairiwilsonphotography.com



Photo: @mairiwilsonphotography

Model: @eve.madeley

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