A model girl giving pose with a pineapple on her hand

Natalia Krasna: JUICY COLOURS

Full Name: Natalia Krasna

Age: 25

Country: Ukraine

Photography Genre: Art& Fashion, Love Story, Beauty, Commercial


1. Could you please provide us with a professional introduction about yourself and your photography work?

A model girl giving pose with slice pineapple on her hand

Projects: working with FACE boutique, Stylysh, Monly, and others. Featured in: publications in Selin, MOB, Malvie magazines, on the Vogue platform, etc.

Affiliation to brands: work with local Ukrainian clothing brands, as well as with dress and jewelry brands. Awards: The Artist Edition (for Malvie Mag)

2. Can you tell us about how you got started in photography?

A model girl catches a slice of pineapple in her hand

I started my fascination with photography back in school. It was always interesting to explore the world of photography – my friends and I used to photograph each other. Later, during my studies at the academy, I took reportage shots and masterclasses, and afterward, I collaborated with a chef, shooting content for his restaurants.

3. What was your passion driving you during your journey? Who or what prompted you to begin?

A model girl catches a slice of pineapple in her hand and close her eyes

I’ve always wanted to capture the moment and show people their beauty. Music, people, and travels are my primary sources of inspiration.

4. Could you walk us through your photoshoot planning process?

Each time, our team discusses all the details before the shoot, from makeup to image and location. The idea for this particular shoot was inspired by the vibrant yellow of summer – we wanted the image to reflect this vibrancy and brightness. We decided that the frame should include live flowers and fruits.

5. As a photography expert, what sets your work apart from other photographers?

A model girl touches her nick with a pineapple on her sholder

Each photographer, like an artist, has their own unique perspective and style. My main goal is to show people they can be beautiful and present themselves in the best light.

When organizing and planning fashion shoots, my aim is to create a sellable product so that both client and buyer would want to return and make a purchase.

6. Where do you get your ideas for photoshoots?

We often derive our ideas from music and cinema, or we create conceptual shoots based on the client’s wishes and ideas while adding a touch of brightness and individuality.

7. Can you tell us about the most memorable moment you’ve had as a photographer and what experience you gained from that?

A model catches a pineapple on her shoulder

I remember working on a very large project, for which preparation took more than two months. During the shoot, there were more than 20 looks, and the complexity lay in the need to prepare different lighting schemes in advance to create the effect of multiple, different shoots. Additionally, we were quite time-constrained.

8. What are the most important components of an extraordinary photograph, in your opinion?

Creativity, personal character expression, and vision, as well as the combination of unusual elements such as light, color, and details, all contribute to an extraordinary photograph.

9. How do you strike a balance between your artistic expression and your client’s expectations during a shoot?

A model touches her cheek with a pineapple on her hand

When working with a client, we always create a mood board, discussing each detail, particularly the color scheme. Before we commence the shoot, we take into consideration the client’s type and build the concept of the shoot accordingly.

10. How do other artists influence your work? Are there any other photographers you look up to? Who?

I always find inspiration and learn from other photographers. Seeing a completely different perspective on art is enlightening. One of my favorite photographers is Anton Corbijn.

11. How do you enhance your vision after a session by post-processing your photos? Do you have a best-kept secret for editing processing that you’d like to share?

A model catches a pineapple on her shoulder and giving pose on camera

Being visually saturated, viewing a large number of images, videos, recording, and planning ideas that come during the process of inspiration are all important. One of my processing secrets is preserving color and saturation – I love bright photos.

12. Can you tell us about the most difficult photographic challenge you’ve ever had, including lighting, unexpected situations, and how you managed the issues on set?

The most difficult situations occur when there are technical issues during the shoot – a drained battery, no spare memory card, or a problem with the lighting. The main thing in the moment is not to show your tension or worry to the client, as it can greatly affect the result and the shooting process as a whole.

13. What are your top tips for aspiring photographers on skill development and finding their own creative voice? How did you develop yours?

If there’s an idea, it’s important to bring it to life and not put it off for later. Save the works and ideas that best suit your taste and try to recreate them. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice and have a dialogue with other creators – they often help find answers to your questions and give suggestions.

14. What is your favorite piece of work you’ve ever shot?

One of my favorite shoots – the image of Mavka: instagram.com/p/CtXPncztcbj

“Alice in Wonderland” style shoot: instagram.com/p/CpvtpmKtOKD

“ANTOINETTE” style shoot: instagram.com/p/CrDD7kpNr4G


15. Can you tell me about an upcoming project you’re working on and the idea behind it?

Our team has been working for over a year – from the first moment, we are on the same wavelength, thinking through and complementing each moment on the shoot. We’ve had several major projects – for example, modern Antoinette,

where the image combined symbolism of modern life, joy in ordinary things, and simple life (an ordinary McDonald’s, which was not available for more than a year, turned out to be a sign of approaching some stability). Mavka project – again, starting from location and ending with every detail in the image, the shoot was created, which was also accepted by the magazine. The

latest project we created with the theme of naturalness and exoticism. We wanted to show the possibility of image transformation, the richness, and the taste of summer.

16. Where can we view more of your work and connect with you?


Our Team

Photographer – Natalia Krasna @ann.mission_ph

Model – Natalia Lunhul @_yakkovlevna_

MakeUp Artist & Hair Stylist – Gala Mudreiko @gala_beautystylist



Photo: @ann.mission_ph

Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist: @gala_beautystylist

Model: @_yakkovlevna_

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