SanHuo Wang: 70’S

1. Could you please give us a little introduction and tell us about your first experience with photography? Who or what inspired you to begin photography?

I’m from Guangzhou, China, and I’m a fashion photographer. My first exposure to photography was with my parents’ film camera, and that’s when I became interested in photography. But I became interested in photography because I met a friend who opened a photography studio.

2. From your point of view, what are the most exciting aspects of professional photography?

The excitement of professional photography comes from working with different professionals to inspire and keep improving.

3. As the expert you are, what distinguishes your work from other photographers?

All growth starts from imitation, and I am no exception. I hope that the direction of my photography works is fashionable, with some artistic thinking, and can also reflect regional characteristics.

4. What are your goals for the next year with your photography business?

Introduce Chinese-designed clothing brands to the world through photography, and also hope to incorporate their own artistic philosophy into photography

5. Can you walk us through your planning process for this photoshoot?

It’s a small room with a bed and a sofa, and the light is pouring in from the only window, and I create some retro feel from the makeup and clothing. You know, people always have a retro mood, because it is something deep in memory, and because of a little hesitation about the unknown future. So I let the model pose some more natural poses, and of course I also created a blurry shot at the end to create a detachment from reality

6. Are there any other photographers you look up to? Who?

Helmut newton, Irving Penn, Albert Watson, Bill Cunningham.

7. What are your upcoming projects?

Preparing to start a shooting project about the culture and fashion of southern China

8. Where can we see more of your works and get connected with you?

Please check out my Instagram @sanhuowang2022.

Photo: @sanhuowang2022
Model: Wenqing
MUA & Hair: Xuanxuan

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