A model girl giving pose to the camera

Yana Zikova: Quiet evening

Full Name: Yana Zikova

Age: 35

Country: Russia

Photography Genre: Portrait


1. Could you please provide us with a professional introduction about yourself and your photography work?

A model girl giving pose to the camera laying down on sofa and touching the lamp

I mainly work with private clients and do individual photo shoots. As a professional photographer I have been working only for the first year, but already during this time my works have been published in more than 20 foreign and local magazines.

2. Can you tell us about how you got started in photography?

I have been taking pictures since I was a child. I used to take pictures of everything and gradually realized that I really like to take pictures of people. Since then I’ve been moving in that direction.

3. What was your passion driving you during your journey? Who or what prompted you to begin?

A model girl giving pose laying down on sofa and touching her nick

I have always been very attracted to the way people change during a photo shoot and the emotions they feel. The main motivation is the emotions people get with my photos, how they become a little happier

4. Could you walk us through your photoshoot planning process?

First there is a detailed discussion of the idea with the client, I ask a lot of questions and show a lot of examples, give the person the opportunity to already imagine what approximately will turn out. Then I suggest a suitable place for the photo shoot, choose the right clothes and props. Then the photo shoot itself and in 3-5 days I give the finished photos.

5. As a photography expert, what sets your work apart from other photographers?

A model girl giving pose to the camera laying down on sofa

I try to create an individual story for each person, which will be close to them. I come up with an idea especially for him. I take care of all stages of preparation and create comfort in the process so that a person does not worry about anything and only enjoys it.

6. Where do you get your ideas for photoshoots?

Music, movies, artists’ paintings, social networks and professional websites

7. Can you tell us about the most memorable moment you’ve had as a photographer and what experience you gained from that?

a girl giving hot pose to the camera on to the sofa

The work of a photographer is often connected with the work of other people. I always try to foresee all the options if something goes wrong. But sometimes there are unpredictable situations. So sometimes it happens that models don’t come or, one day, right before shooting, the makeup artist refused to work and had to urgently find a replacement. Now I always foresee these moments and work only with people in the team, in whom I am not just 100% sure, but 200% sure.

8. What are the most important components of an extraordinary photograph, in your opinion?

The idea and the ability to beat it beautifully with light and color

9. How do you strike a balance between your artistic expression and your client’s expectations during a shoot?

We always discuss the idea in detail, and then show what elements I collect it from (photos of clothes, props, photo studio, etc.

10. How do other artists influence your work? Are there any other photographers you look up to? Who?

a beautiful model girl giving pose for photoshoot

I watch a lot of works by other photographers, I take interesting solutions and ideas from them for each element of photography. Someone has an incredibly beautiful light, someone has a beautiful color in the photo, someone uses interesting props. I really like to mix ideas and mix techniques. My most favorite photographer for many years is Tim Walker

11. How do you enhance your vision after a session by post-processing your photos? What editing steps did you follow for this photoshoot?

I try not to do a lot of photo post-processing. More often just light skin retouching and color correction. This shooting is just such an example. But there are also ideas where you have to finish a lot of things, modern technologies and software capabilities help in this.

12. What you are most focused on learning right now to further your photography career?

I am constantly learning something new in the profession of a photographer. At the moment I am taking a course on the development of creative thinking in photography

13. What advice do you wish you knew when you first started photography?

Be bolder and not be afraid to show your imagination

14. What is your favorite photo you’ve ever taken?

I love a lot of my photo shoots and each in its own way. I try to surpass myself every time and improve my skill. Therefore, if i need to choose, then my favorite is the photo that i created last.

15. Where can we view more of your work and connect with you?

Instagram: instagram.com/prosto_yanka_ph

Website: prostoyanka.ru



Photo: @prosto_yanka_ph

Cr Dir: @nfiliptseva.ph

Model: @dashutka_di

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