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Enhance Your Photos with Photo Editing Presets: A Comprehensive Guide

Photos are more than just images captured on a camera. They are a reflection of our memories, emotions, and experiences. As photographers, we strive to capture the perfect shot, but sometimes, even the best photo can use a little editing to make it stand out. This is where photo editing presets come in. A photo editing preset is a collection of settings that can be applied to your photos to enhance their look and feel. With presets, you can achieve a unique and professional look without spending hours editing each photo individually.

In this article, we’ll explore the world of photo editing presets and show you how to use them to create stunning images. We’ll cover everything from what presets are and how they work to how to install and use them. So, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced photographer, read on to discover the power of presets and take your photography to the next level.

What are Photo Editing Presets?

what are photo editing presets

Photo editing presets are a set of predetermined adjustments that can be applied to a photo to achieve a specific look or style. Presets typically include adjustments to exposure, contrast, color temperature, and saturation, as well as other settings that affect the overall look and feel of the photo.

Why Use Photo Editing Presets?

Using photo editing presets can save you time and effort in post-processing. Instead of spending hours editing each photo individually, you can apply a preset to a group of photos and achieve a consistent look and feel. Presets can also help you develop your own unique style by allowing you to experiment with different looks and effects.

Where to Find Photo Editing Presets?

There are many sources for photo editing presets, including online marketplaces, photography blogs, and social media. Some presets are free, while others are available for purchase. For example, Adobe Lightroom offers a vast collection of both free and paid presets that you can access directly within the software. Another option is “Creative Market” which is an online marketplace that features a wide range of digital products, including photo editing presets.

One can also find presets on “Instagram” as it is a popular platform for photographers and editing enthusiasts to share their work. You can search for photography-related hashtags like #presets or #lightroompresets to discover accounts that offer free presets. Many photographers and influencers often share their presets for their followers to use and enjoy. When choosing presets, it’s important to look for ones that are compatible with your photo editing software and that match your style and preferences.

Types of Photo Editing Presets

Photo editing presets come in different types, each with its unique benefits and features. 

  1. Lightroom Presets
  2. Photoshop Actions
  3. Mobile App Filters
  4. Bleach Film Presets


  1. Lightroom presets are popular among photographers and offer a wide range of options to enhance your photos, from vintage looks to modern styles. 
  2. Photoshop actions are powerful tools that allow you to automate complex edits and save time in post-processing. 
  3. Mobile app filters are great for editing photos on the go and offer a quick and easy way to achieve a desired look. Some popular mobile app filters include VSCO, Snapseed, Capcut, and Adobe Lightroom Mobile. 
  4. Bleachfilm presets are free presets available for both amateur and professional photographers. Bleachfilm offers a carefully curated collection of presets for photography. Bleachfilm also has an instructional guide that helps install and upload presets on a desktop or mobile device.

How to Install Photo Editing Presets?

how to install presets

Installing photo editing presets can vary depending on the software you’re using. In general, presets are installed by importing them into your editing software. Most software has a dedicated folder where presets can be saved for easy access. For example in Lightroom classic, go to the “file” on the top left corner and then go to “Import Develop Profiles and Presets”. It’s important to follow the instructions provided by the preset creator to ensure that the presets are installed correctly.

How to Use Photo Editing Presets?

how to use presets

Using photo editing presets is simple and straightforward. Once you’ve installed your presets, you can apply them to your photos with just a few clicks. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Open your photo editing software and import the photo you want to edit.
  2. Navigate to the presets panel and select the preset you want to use.
  3. Apply the preset to your photo by clicking on it.
  4. Fine-tune the preset settings as needed to achieve the desired effect.
  5. Save your edited photo.

Tips for Using Photo Editing Presets

Here are some tips for using photo editing presets to get the most out of your editing:

  1. Experiment with different presets to find your style and preferences.
  2. Adjust the preset settings to achieve the desired effect.
  3. Use presets as a starting point and make further adjustments as needed.
  4. Don’t overuse presets, as they can sometimes lead to an unnatural or over-processed look.
  5. Always make sure to back up your original photos before editing with presets.


In conclusion, photo editing presets are a powerful tool that can help you enhance your photos and achieve a unique style. With the ability to save time and effort in post-processing, presets are a must-have for any photographer, whether beginner or experienced. By experimenting with different presets and fine-tuning the settings, you can create stunning images that stand out and reflect your unique style and vision.

So, start exploring the world of photo editing presets and see how they can take your photography to the next level!


Frequently Asked Questions

Are presets only for professional photographers?

No, presets are for anyone who wants to enhance their photos and achieve a unique style. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced photographer, presets can help you achieve stunning results with ease.

Do presets work with all photo editing software?

No, presets are specific to each photo editing software. It’s important to check if the presets you want to use are compatible with your software before purchasing or downloading them.

Can preset be used on mobile devices?

Yes, many photo editing apps for mobile devices offer presets that can be applied to your photos. Some apps also allow you to import custom presets created on your desktop.

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