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Marcel Roshto, @marcelvisual

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The BleachFilm Masterclass

What You Will Learn!

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Learn the ins and outs of professional photography! Get an in depth training on everything you need to know to take better photos, pick out the right equipment – expensive or cheap and master the basic steps to going from zero to hero as a freelancer. By the end of this, you’ll be a master photographer!



Learn how to land gigs and start taking photos for paying clients! Master the steps to attracting your dream client, delivering an impeccable service and providing a professional experience for your client! Learn how I’m able to always get clients coming back to me…



Discover the highly profitable business marketing system necessary to scale as a freelancer. Leverage the power of social media marketing to create your own brand, portfolio and reach millions through organic and paid traffic! Finally discover how to scale as a freelancer….


My Story To Becoming A 6 Figure Photographer

I’ve enjoyed over 7 years of my life as a professional photographer & entrepreneur. Today, I’ve been able to create, grow and manage a network of accounts with a monthly reach of over 10 million people. This has become my lifestyle business over the years and this small little idea has allowed me to sell products and scale my services as well as collaborate with huge photographers and brands from all around the world.

In Just A Few Years...

I was able to grow my Instagram page from 712 followers to over 700K, while being a full time college entrepreneur. My photography brand has allowed me to work with international businesses and photographers around the world and today I am well known for being the owner of one of the largest photography pages @bleachfilm.

With this growth I was able to monetize my brand to pay for my college completely by myself.

A Few Years Ago...

I was just a broke college student – literally having no results as a creator at all, to owning a photography agency that fuels my income and enables me to work from anywhere. Now, this didn’t happen overnight and any photographer may not know how to combine their creative abilities with entrepreneurial skills in order to turn it into a high level, in demand, income stream.

This is what I was able to accomplish in just a fews years…


I was lucky enough to meet a few mentors and come across people who had a larger vision and dream for their passion businesses. This inspired me to break out of my limiting beliefs and give my photography business a real shot. One of the systems I began to master is the C.O.R.E system.

A Simple 4 Step Process

A simple 4 step process that helps you combine your creative abilities with modern marketing skill sets necessary in order for you to scale with social media and turn your content marketing efforts into attraction marketing mechanisms – Leading to more clients, more exposure for your brand, better brand deals and income streams generated online. So if you’re a photographer struggling to become a better photographer, land bigger clients and generate consistent income :

What You Get When You Join The BleachFilm Masterclass Today!

Module One


A brief welcome to BleachFilm Masterclass. Get access to the community and discover everything you need to know to accelerate your process throughout the program!

Value: $97

Module Two

Mindset Masterclass

Go through a brief training where you will learn my best mind hacks and strategies that help me dominate my photography career. 

Module Three

Photography Principles

Learn the ins and outs of your DSLR camera or smartphone. You’ll understand the skills you need to plan, shoot, and edit your photos with a proven process.

Module Four

Editing Workflow

Master the art of turning normal images into beautiful edits. Learn the ins and outs of Lightroom and some awesome tools which you can use to make your images always stand out!

Module Five

Instagram Secrets

Finally learn how to make your content do the work for you! In the Instagram Secrets module, you’re going to learn everything you need to know to build, grow and automate your Instagram page.

Module Six

Social Security

In this module you will learn how to avoid making crucial mistakes in your photography business! These are things I wish I knew when getting started that could have saved me thousands of dollars.


Bonus Templates, Systems And Guidelines (6 Bonus Pack)

Get access to some amazing bonuses if you take action today! Enjoy the various done-for-you guides and tools that’ll help you take your business to the next level.


VALUE $197

Learn How To Win With Hashtag Strategies

Discover how I was able to get tons of reach for my photography page with hashtag marketing!


VALUE $147

A Simple, No Fluff Marketing Blueprint

The marketing guide is the easiest way to start winning with your social media page(s). Discover the art of fame hacking.


VALUE $219

Make It Easier - Just Use One Of Mine!

Use my exact IG marketing template to make sure you dominate your presence. Don’t worry about having to figure it out yourself.


VALUE $119

It’s Time To Enhance Your Images

Use my media kit template to help you across all your distribution channels! Let me help you upgrade your content.



Bonus Templates, Systems And Guidelines

Get access to some amazing bonuses if you take action today! Enjoy the various done-for-you guides and templates.



Keep Your Aesthetic Congruent!

Get access to some amazing bonuses if you take action today! Enjoy the various done-for-you guides and templates – including the perfect guideline checklist to keeping your brand consistent!

Total Value: $10,558

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Never worry about when your next paycheck will come in and when you’ll land your next client

How Will This Course Help Me?

Growing your Instagram following and running a profitable photography business can take years to master—with tons of potential errors along the way. This course teaches you the proven methods to become a professional photographer and book 10-20 high-paying shoots a month.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is for photographers who want to become a full-time professional photographer!

How Will This Work For Me?

This course was designed for photographers who have any amount of followers or experience. I’ll show you how I went from 0 to 700,000+ followers and how you can do the same to become a full-time professional photographer.

What If I Need More Support?

No problem, we’re here to help! If you need questions answered or personalized direction, I’ll review your Instagram and website, making specific recommendations so you can get the best results.

What If I Have No Experience?

Most of the successful photographers who started this course had little to no photography experience when they began. With this course, you’ll have the knowledge for a massive head start on growing a successful photography business.

How Will I Access The Program?

Right after you purchase the course, you’ll receive a link by email with login details. You’ll have 24/7, lifetime access to the content on any laptop or mobile phone.